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          Hybrid coaxial / wireless multimedia home network using 802.11 technology Wireless home networking has become the favorite technology for home data distribution services. The price of 802.11b is very close to that of wired products. They do not need to install new lines or us

          Renesas' SH-Mobile application engine 4 enters the GHz field On November 30, 2009, Renesas Technology (hereinafter referred to as Renesas) announced the launch of a sample survey of its SH-Mobile application engine 4 (SH73720). SH-Mobile Application Engine 4 is an applica

          The difference between OLED and LED OLED: OrganicLightEmitTIngDisplay, that is, organic light-emitting display, which is a newly emerging category on mobile phone LCD, is known as "dream display". The OLED display technology is different from the traditional LCD dis

          Research and Application of CMMB Standard Emergency Broadcasting Service 1 Introduction of CMMB standard emergency broadcast protocol 1.1 Introduction of CMMB standard CMMB (China Mobile MulTImedia BroADCasTIng, China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting) is the first domesticall

          Working principle of solenoid valve The solenoid valves at home and abroad are currently divided into three categories in principle (ie: direct-acting type, distributed direct-acting type, pilot type), and the difference in valve flap structure and material and the difference

          Misuse of equalizer The full name of the equalizer is the room equalizer. It has a wide range of applications in audio systems, but in most occasions, it does not play its due role. Here is an example. 1. Using the equalizer as a tone controller A few days ago, I went to a u

          Samsung Sharp's patent wars, LCD giants trial games The defendant a month ago is now the plaintiff. On December 3, Samsung officially filed a lawsuit against Sharp Corporation to the United States International Trade Commission (ITC), accusing the latter of infringing its