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          Young people's big screen TV, Sharp Qing Qing 45 Internet TV evaluation

          Someone asked me, the same is used through the Internet, the traditional smart TV and Internet TV in the end what is the difference, in fact, the most essential difference between the two I think should be the content, because the traditional smart TV is mainly based on product quality and usage habits Touching consumers, while Internet TV brings better experience with rich content, it has now entered the Internet age. If it is me personally, it will certainly choose Internet TV. After all, young people must keep up with the trend of the times. In addition to Internet content, the price of Internet TV is relatively affordable, which is more cost-effective than buying a traditional smart TV.

          Originally intended to take advantage of the Double 11 offer to buy an Internet TV, just the old TV brand Sharp launched Sharp Series Internet TV at this time, so it was decisively elected it, mainly because Sharp's fame is OK, can be considered The old brand, technical service and after-sales service all passed the final selection is Sharp Qing 45 Internet TV, because the house is not very large, and now we all know that housing prices, in big cities can afford 70 square meters are rich people Now, every month, we still need to repay the mortgage. After the experience of housing slaves is good, we will not know more about it here.

          Previously in the old home is a 32-inch TV. Since there are mobile computers, TVs are rarely used. This time, the 45-inch Sharp Internet TV that I bought seems to have a big screen. Actually, for many young people, perhaps TV is seldom used, but how to watch movies on a large-screen HD screen is better than a mobile computer. Not to mention quality, that is, the visual effect of a large screen is better. In fact, I would like to put this TV in my bedroom. This big winter still lay more comfortable watching movies.

          Since no one received the delivery at home, he sent it to the company and waited for the next day to drive home. As soon as you receive the courier, you can't wait to open the experience. Randomly sent two bases, that is, the bracket, it is said that the use of a piano paint treatment, no wonder it looks so beautiful, and the base is also very simple, but the 45-inch big-screen TV feels like to find someone to help me hold the point, safety-based After all, it took money to buy it. The base indicates left and right. You can see the L and R characters above it so that it will not be loaded wrong. The base is arched and looks pretty artistic.

          Put a dynamic to show my new machine in all directions.

          (here GIF)

          From the overall view of the back, Sharp Qingqing Internet TV is also very angry, black is the main color of the Internet now, anyway, it is very resistant to the feeling. The following highlights are the original parts of the Sharp TV, there are many cooling holes, do not worry about TV cooling.

          From the side, Sharp Qinga€?s 45-inch Internet TV is very thin. In fact, this is also the current trend. What laptops and mobile phones are not all very thin? Can you increase the visual beauty, or can you say that this TV looks like a work of art in the living room? It is estimated that the majority of young people like me are the first buyers to feel the power of electricity. The face value must be high. Otherwise, if a friend comes to play at home, I must say I have no taste.

          This Sharp Qing Qing 45 Internet TV thickness is only 9.9mm, take his wife's pink iPhone6s, no, it should be called rose gold, this name will be more elegant, compared to the thickness, not more than two iPhone6s stacked thickness.

          I still remember when my hometown bought the 32-inch TV, when the remote control had many buttons, my parents said that the home TV was too difficult to use, the buttons were more complicated to use, and the Sharp 45 Internet TV remote control function buttons were few. It looks simple. Regardless of whether it is home for the elderly or children can easily use the TV, Sharp this point is still very humane, give it a bit like.

          In fact, this remote control is quite new in design. It is small and large, and it can stand on the table. In fact, it is still very obvious curvature design, this should be a lot of people say that ergonomic design, anyway, in their hands It feels good.

          In the lower right corner of the front of the TV is the location of the receiver. At the same time, we can also see the words of DOLBY AUDIO, indicating that the sound quality of the TV has been incorporated into Dolby audio technology. Actually, we have three requirements for the selection of Internet TV and more film sources. The display quality is better, and the sound effect is better. If the sound is not good enough, even if there is a big screen, there is no sense. If you are using a big speaker, it is a good solution, but it is too occupied. The original home space is small.

          Sharp Qing 45 Internet TV button on the back, more hidden, switching power button and other function buttons as large, in fact, these buttons are basically not used remote control, and now the parents in use at home, switch button design in On the side, two-year-old children at home are very naughty and often go to press, feeling that the buttons are better on the back, but also make the TV more beautiful.

          This is the interface part of the TV, 3 HDMI interfaces, 2 USB interfaces, 1 SD card slot and a more comprehensive traditional terminal interface. In fact, it can be networked. These interfaces are not usually used, but if they are like What external handle, keyboard and mouse or even the computer host is still possible, anyway, more extensive development.

          Sharp has some advantages on the screen. Anyway, I know that many big-name mobile phones use Sharp's screen. This Sharp Qingqing 45-inch Internet TV screen uses the tenth-generation panel of the Sharpe factory imported from Japan, 1080P. In terms of resolution, the color is very positive. I'm still very satisfied.

          The TV interface uses Alibaba's smart UI. The flat magnet design is very simple and easy to use. The content has been collaborated with platforms such as Wah TV, Youku, and Tudou. As a result, the richness of the resources is still guaranteed. The Sharp 45-inch TV that is purchased also presents 12-month membership, which can be used after registration. There are analog TVs in the signal source. HDMI is not used for a while. WiFi is available directly at home.

          Various kinds of news are also very complete, from domestic to foreign countries, only you can not think of you can not find. Finally, you don't need to brush a small screen to pay attention to the phone, you can lie on the sofa to read the news.

          Sharp Qing 45 Internet TV There are many movies to choose from. It is recommended that there be bears. The cartoon does not know where it is. It is very popular among children. No matter where you go, you can see children at home. My two-year-old child has now become a TV tyrant. As long as I'm clamoring to look at the bald-headedness at home, it's a carousel. I read it several times, and adults have to watch it.

          The above TV shows are all up-to-date, and it's constantly updated. With new TV shows, they will show themselves on the big screen, like smiles, Sparrows, Fantasy City, these hit TV shows, but I prefer to watch movies. This will not lead to too long timeline. Watching TV shows sometimes come from time to time. The movie will take an hour or two, and the time will be much shorter.

          Variety shows are generally more like to watch his wife, what the new Chinese singing, Venus show, very do not interfere, in fact, there are many variety shows, and now television has entered the Internet era, what variety shows can be found.

          Children's Channel, prepared specifically for my family's children, there are still many things, and now TV is a fusion of early childhood education, and finally can let him not always have only a bald strong choice, see some of the puzzle program Children will grow better.

          Because members who send television for one year are sent, they can all be seen in the members' sources. Movies and TV shows can't be seen. Some members can watch the broadcast alone.

          In addition to movies, TV shows, TV Taobao, and shopping on TV, it's very convenient. The feeling of TV big screen shopping is not the same. My mother wouldna€?t even use a smart phone, but I still understand a bit about TV shopping. It seems that this TV operation is much simpler than a mobile phone.

          Sharp Qing 45 Internet TV uses Android 4.4 operating system, is fully compatible with the market application software, so you can download a lot of things, just like a smart phone. The game, HDP live, children's hall, shrimp music, and multi-screen interaction, and mobile phones, computers wireless screen, think the phone screen is too small, you can make mobile phones and TV with screen, 45-inch screen to play games, this feeling is sure So cool, but there is a premise is to simultaneously in a WiFi signal, and then download an Ali assistant, the two devices can be connected. .

          Because this TV is good in sound quality, it often feels good to listen to music on the sofa after returning home from the following class. Dolby decoding is used in the surround sound theater. The high range gives the sound a sense of luxury and excitement. Bass speakers, enjoying unprecedented deep bass, these can be set according to their own preferences.

          This is the first Internet TV I bought. The overall feeling is still very satisfactory. The picture display is very good, plus it's sound quality, because the bass is relatively strong, so I especially like to watch gunfights and horror films, especially in the middle of the night. Watching a horror movie is even more sensational. There is also a large screen. It will definitely make you feel horrified, and it always feels like someone is behind you. Forgot to mention the configuration of this TV. It uses a 64-bit high-performance dual-core processor and is equipped with a dual-core GPU. The memory combination is 1G RAM + 8G ROM. Without any problems, I am ready to buy an xbox game console. It is also good to relax with my friends during weekends.

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          LED Headphones

          LED Headphones are a time-honored product. It is not a simple headphone, in the strict sense. It is not just a headset that provides a high-quality audio experience, but also a trendy, fun, life-giving and enthusiastic product. The introduction of the LED headphone will bring fresh blood to the entire headphone market. It is a cross-border digital headphone.


          1: Bright colors, dazzling in the night, fashion avant-garde.

          2:180?° angle illumination. 3.The color of the light is even and delicate, bright and rich.

          LED Headphone

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