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          Leading the Gold Size, Sharp 45-inch Internet TV Review

          In recent years, Internet television has gradually become the mainstream of home television, and the speed of development is also rapid. On the market, all kinds of Internet TV brands have come together, and brands and prices have been uneven. Some have high prices but they may not be fully functional; some have low prices and they are full of opportunities. No matter what the price, most of the machines still have various types of screen problems. The first choice for buying TV is to have a good screen quality. You can't see the symptoms of a program that can cause airsickness. Recently, Sharp just launched the Sharp clear Internet TV series. After understanding and comparing it, I found out that the 45-inch size is exactly what I like. After all, my home is not too spacious. This size is just right for my living room.

          The reason for choosing Sharp is actually very simple. After all, the quality of the old brand is assured. Second, Sharp had enough strength in the screen quality assurance, and screen development for 40 to 50 years was very advantageous here. In fact, my requirement for Internet TV is that the screen must be better, and the content needs to be rich enough for recreational entertainment.

          When I received Sharp, I saw the undamaged box and immediately felt very convinced that I had no wrong choice. Sharp is also sure that every design is for the user's consideration. Even the accidents that occur during the mailing process can be considered for packaging and transportation. So when I saw the upcoming new member of this family, my heart was very pleasantly surprised.

          The process of unboxing was also very smooth. In addition to the TV, there were two TV bases, a remote control, an RF adapter, and four screws fixing the base. The quantity is just right, there will be no home appliances after the installation, leaving a lot of uninformed accessories do not know the situation to Lisai.

          Take a picture for you to look at, the base workmanship is very good, after the piano paint treatment gloss full. There is also a certain amount of weight in the hand. It is not comparable to the fragile material. Using such a base to support the TV will be very stable. The pedestal is also indicated on the left and right, allowing the user to follow the guidelines very simply.

          The built-in remote control is also very simple in design, without any complicated and redundant buttons. A small remote control can simply operate the entire TV, which reflects the convenience of Internet TV. Whether it is the elderly or the children, it is easy to learn, not at all troublesome.

          Simply check the TV and all the accessories without any problems. The next step is to install. The installation is actually very simple. Just follow the installation instructions and screw the base into the corresponding slot. To be on the safe side, I still installed with my wife. I don't want the new TV that I just bought to be accidentally slippery. It is a cup.

          After assembling the TV set, you can't wait to see the effect on the TV cabinet. Sharp 45 is both hanging and vertical placement. If you want to save space, you can choose to hang on the wall. Because I have a TV cabinet at home, I am directly on it. The effect is very satisfactory, the base is slightly arched, and the manufacturer is really careful when designing, so the support will be more stable.

          Sharp's 45-inch TV is a black and white design style, Sharp's metal LOGO in the middle of the bottom border. In fact, this design is the most insurance. Some people may prefer a silver or gold TV body, but in fact they need to match the decoration of the living room. And black is the classic wild color, no matter what the style of living room decoration, will not be destroyed because of the appearance of television.

          Since it is a thin TV, it's natural curiosity. Using my cell phone as a reference, I found that the TV is really thin. At the thinnest point, it is only 9.9mm. It is thin and sexy. It is almost the same as a tablet or a mobile phone. It is still fashionable in the living room.

          The front of the TV adopts a narrow border design, and the transition between the border and the screen is relatively natural, and the overall appearance of the integrated display is better.

          In the lower right corner of the front of the TV is the location of the receiver. At the same time, we can also see the words DOLBY AUDIO, indicating that the sound quality of the TV has been incorporated into Dolby Sound technology. In fact, for users, the most important thing for a TV is a good screen sound. For example, this Sharp 45-inch Internet TV adds Dolby decoding to a surround sound theater, allowing users to experience superior audio-visual effects. Once a friend bought a very good value Internet TV, the screen is also good, but the sound is a bit too bad, unless you own a television audio, otherwise the experience is simply too bad.

          The back of the Sharp TV is as beautiful as the front, and the lines are smooth and not rough. And put the TV's physical buttons on the left side of the back of the fuselage, which is the right front back of the TV, this design makes the buttons look more subtle, can give the user a complete viewing effect, and operation is also the slightest No inconvenience. Although there are a lot of keys, there is a clear logo at each key, and it is very convenient to change the console and volume at a glance.

          The right part of the back of the TV is the interface area. It has 3 HDMI interfaces, 2 USB interfaces, 1 SD card slot and a more comprehensive traditional terminal interface. It is rich in functionality and can meet the needs of the vast majority of people.

          It is designed a large number of cooling holes, and there is a certain degree of tilt, whether it is hanging or vertical can effectively heat, to ensure the TV's safest operating environment, virtually increased the life of the TV.

          The baby at home was also particularly excited to see the new TV. He intended to take more photos, but he was eager to see it quickly. Let's look at the performance of the TV after booting.

          Sharp TV screen size is 45 inches, is said to be the first 45-inch screen cutting process, the size of the TV is currently not available on the market, Japan's tenth-generation line developed the concept of 45-inch golden section, more suitable for Chinese families. Therefore, this TV is suitable whether it is a living room or a bedroom with a narrow width. The screen part adopts the tenth generation line panel of the Sharpe factory imported from Japan, 1080P resolution, and the screen image quality is still very good after the power on, especially the color reproduction is more positive. The screen also uses Sharp's unique image quality adjustment technology, closer to the natural color, long-term viewing does not hurt the eyes. What was most worried about before was the screen performance. Immediately after starting up, I was relieved.

          Sharp's 45-inch Internet TV is Android 4.4's system. The new Alibaba Smart UI also cooperates with Huawei Digital TV, Youku, and Tudou. As a result, the richness of resources is still guaranteed. Inch TV also presented a 12-month membership, you can use it after you register it, and you can enjoy hit TV dramas, variety shows, and hit movies. With the exception of eliminating the troubles of advertising points, members can also watch the newly released movies and TV series. Episode.

          In fact, a large part of the reason for buying Internet TV is to watch cartoons for children. Sharp's 45-inch Internet TV also comes with children's resources. The classic gourd dolls and black cat sheriffs look much better than current cartoons.

          I think after my family Xiaobao fell in love with watching TV, my dad should have no chance to touch the remote control.

          With a few pictures to test the display effect of the next TV, the individual is quite satisfied, regardless of the clarity or color reproduction power is quite good.

          After doing a screen test, you can see the colorful, no black spots and light leakage, Sharp is indeed a big show.

          The hardware uses a 64-bit high-performance dual-core processor and is equipped with a dual-core GPU. The storage combination is 1G RAM + 8G ROM, which is more than enough for life or office. In particular, testing a 4K video can also be smooth viewing, which is enough for me. At the time of the break, about friends who come to play games at home or not, do not have to worry about Caton's problems. It is estimated that after my friends will be asked to play games.

          In addition to watching videos and playing games, this TV also supports wireless projection. This function is actually very practical for most people. The operation is also very simple, an Ali TV assistant can be operated on the mobile phone or computer. The image can be projected directly onto the big screen of the TV. It would be more appropriate if the company could open a meeting.

          In general, this Sharp 45-inch Internet TV meets my requirements regardless of whether it is entertainment or work. The screen is good, the picture quality is clear, the sound quality is good, and watching large movies can have the feeling of a movie theater. And all kinds of extensions are complete and easy to operate. In fact, it is important that the price is close to the people. It is not easy for such a price to have such a reliable TV, so it is a good one for Sharp. If you have the same requirements as my TV set, I would like to choose this Sharp Series 45a€? Internet TV. It is also very convenient to purchase. The official Tmall official flagship store orders and direct security is sent to you. You are on hand.

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          Octagonal Pole

          1.Shape:Conoid ,Multi-pyramidal,Columniform,polygonal or conical

          2.Material:steel plate.stainless steel compound plate,stainless steel plate,ect.(anticorrosion treatment with hot galvanization,also color polyester power could be coated on the surface)

          High strength low alloy steel Q235,Q345,GR65,GR50 to ensure the mechanical properity of microelement in order to ensure the quality of galvanization (other materials are also avaliable on request)

          3.Jointing of pole with insert mode,innerflange mode,face to face joint mode

          4.Design of pole :against earthquake of 8 grade ,aganist wind pressure of 160

          5.Minimum yield strength:355 mpa

          6.Minimum ultimate tensile strength :490 mpa

          7.Max ultimate tensilestrength:620 mpa


          9.Length:Within 14m once forming without slip joint

          10.Welding:It has past flaw testing.Internal and external double welding makes the welding beautiful in shape

          11:Packages:Our poles as normal cover by Mat or straw bale at the top and bottom ,anyway also can following by client required , each 40HC or OT can loading how many pcs will calculation base on the client actually specification and data

          Our lighting equipment are made from quality sheet from bending,forming,automatic welding and hot galvanization.We can reach one-run machining length of 14m,and can bend sheet thickness up to 25mm.We adopt advanced welding procedures ,automatically weld main joints and reach rank-II welding quality.

          Octagonal Pole, Octagonal Street Light Pole, Octagonal Steel Pole, Octagonal Steel Electric Pole


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