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          Impressions of Opel A100 combined amplifier

          I started playing audio from the world of audio. I did na€?t miss any path from the welding machine to the purchase. Recently, I was caught by the timbre of the amplifier, but like most audiophiles, like it does not mean buying, I do na€?t admit it. I am afraid of "biliary" disease, and I never doubt the reliability of the bile machine. Instead, it is all kinds of high-grade audio publications that affect me. I have read a lot of books and learned that the highest essence of playing the bile machine is playing pipes. Russian, Golden Dragon, WE, Czech, Chinese, many patterns, variety of sounds. As my personal income can never be reached, I like audio but I a€?m afraid of a€?locking upa€?. In addition, my many years of experience playing audio tells me that every time I listen to more music details, it will surprise me. Therefore, when I have the opportunity to choose another set of audio, I still prefer the transistor amplifier with high resolution in my heart, but this time it is To choose a transistor amplifier with a bold taste, I insist that only manufacturers that produce tube amplifiers can have such a skill. Pure transistor amplifier manufacturers do not understand the timbre of amplifiers. Foreign brands such as AUDIO RESEARCH are more expensive than playing the domestic high-end Dajidian amps. There are roughly four domestic machines, Dajidian PA80 and PA80S, Ober A100 and Spark series transistor amplifiers, and Kangxinchai Output transistor-type transistor amplifier.

          Roughly compare the two models, PA80 is a better music amplifier, but lacks some transparency like a tube amplifier, plus the internal use of operational amplifier is NE5532, this sound is too familiar to the author, I hope to change the taste, PA80SE is its improvement Version, I heard that the output level was changed to three levels of Darlington, the control is very good, but the local is out of stock, so I have to give up.

          Oubo A100 is an amplifier with a wood panel. After opening it, it feels really rustic. Today, integrated circuit boards are popular. A100 is still used. Multiple structures are separated. The power supply and protection circuit are one board, and the main amplifier is one. Board, the signal is connected to a circuit board on the ALPS potentiometer with multiple shielded wires (presumably the front stage). What is striking inside the machine is the huge R-type transformer and the very thick radiator. The author wanted to give up this machine without listening.

          Once introduced to meet a local enthusiast, he saw the German DAAS measurement system to test the amplifier in his home. Some domestic amplifiers still detected some problems. The test results of the A100 are very similar to the tests of some single-ended Class A amplifiers. The total harmonic distortion curve in Figure-1 is less than 0.01% within 100Hz-8000Hz, the distribution of second harmonics accounts for more than 90% of the total harmonics, and the odd harmonics are far lower and even harmonics, and increase with frequency Reduced, according to my observation of the test of the highest Ta292c bile preamp, the even harmonics overlap with the total harmonic distortion. This made me have a new perspective on the Opel amplifier and eventually became my reason for choosing it.

          In his home A100 push era No. 1 bookshelf box, the sense of layering and balance is particularly good, and the center of gravity is slightly lower in the high, middle and low frequency bands, which is relatively stable. This is not obtained with ambiguous bass performance, but with clarity and positioning. The sense is clearly obtained, for example, the bass instrument part in the symphony is arranged on the back side. In addition to giving a fan-shaped and a certain depth of the overall sound field, the A100 has a considerable physical ability to describe the instruments of the symphony bass part. .

          After calling Ober, we learned the following: the internal circuit of the A100 amplifier is a double differential non-negative feedback circuit, the second stage is still differential amplification, the output stage uses two pairs of Toshiba tubes, a 250-watt R-type transformer and 20,000 microfarads The capacitor has only three input terminals. When the A100 was originally designed, there was no pre-stage. It was completely a high-gain post-stage amplifier. Considering that the loss of the pre-stage has a considerable impact on the strength of the amplifier and the impedance matching problem of CD interfaces of different brands, especially The 0dB pre-stage is designed, the input impedance is increased to 100K without reducing the signal-to-noise ratio, and the use of a long shielded cable from the input terminal to the pre-stage will not cause high-frequency losses. The front stage is directly welded to the ALPS potentiometer on a small circuit board, and the amplifier input terminal is connected in series with a 1 microfarad red Weimar capacitor. The matching error of the tube is required to be less than 5%! The main amplifier board is independently completed by one person, and the quality control is quite strict. The panel is made of air-dried Korean yew, without cracks.

          The transformer is specially customized to the manufacturer of the output transformer of Ober, and the diameter of the primary and secondary wires is especially considered, so that the transformer has the best power regulation rate. The thick type of radiator is chosen because it prevents vibration at the time of large current output and guarantees the transparency of the sound.

          Others do not dare to criticize. The main amplifier is made by one person. It is the method of some top equipment manufacturers in Europe and America. Although it is limited by output, you can choose a good technician to ensure the stability of quality. For example, PASS's 1000-watt pure Class A amplifier is probably a masterpiece he himself has worked on.

          My own original system is Denmark DALL350 and Onkyo 927, the turntable is Tianlong 3500, the decoder is Litte HDCD38S, and the power filter is Wuhan Lishen brand isolated power supply. This was purchased by the author two years ago, but after listening to it for a while, I was very dissatisfied with the Anqiao 927. Although this amplifier uses an inverted three-stage Darlington structure and the sound is clean and tidy, I always feel clean like plain boiling water. A little less taste, until I heard about the 300B single-ended Class A amplifier, after the "biliary poison", the blood was dealt with 927, and this system was changed to AV use.

          The original plan was to supplement the study room with the SONY 3000CD and a small integrated amplifier to promote the Hivi M-1, pursuing the smallest possible footprint. SWANS-M1 has been introduced many times in the audio world. This small speaker is really eye-catching. The strength of the R1 band tweeter is not comparable to the dome-type tweeter. The author is at the SWANS M1. 2 exhibition at the White Swan Audio Exhibition I had a chance to chat with its American designer. I did na€?t have to say more than the Morley TD33, and it was better than SCAN SPEAK9300. He just said that the 9300 is very good, but it is different from his belt treble, and showed me the test data. It is convincing that I did the bridge design. In fact, the bridge design and the speaker design are essentially the same. The beautiful bridge design relies on structural calculations and construction materials. Sound speakers must also have scientific test data.

          The A100 amplifier was connected to M-1, the phono was changed to Philips 951, the signal line was selected from the line, and the power cord of the amplifier was replaced with a crown. You can feel the potential of the A100 when playing the Beethoven Cello Sonata. Under its drive, it seems that the M-1's five-inch mid-woofer is a big circle, and the natural and wide bass section is full of harmonies, without losing the instrument. The texture of the bow, rubbing the strings gives a long mood and a unique choking sensation. I thought that listening to the cello harmonica in a small bookshelf box was a fantasy. I did na€?t expect M-1 to give a very expressive desire. Brand amplifiers lack a sense of nature at low frequencies.

          The A100 shows a sense of transparency similar to the LE34 amplifier in the mid-to-high frequency band. Listening to a vocal solo is easy to make people feel the presence of the singer. Cui Yanguang's treble enchantment is gentle, and subtle differences in ventilation or lack of luck can be shown. According to my personal point of view, if the M-1 is a slightly sweet monitor speaker, then the sound style of the Aobo A100 amplifier is stable and smooth, not pursuing gorgeous colors, overflowing with special transparency and excellent emotional performance. .

          Technical area detailed analysis of Doherty power amplifier design load traction principle (top) detailed analysis of Doherty power amplifier design how to improve efficiency (bottom) analysis of voltage follower input and output error analysis Solve the effect of power amplifier on emi

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          亚洲 欧美 图片 自拍 视频
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