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          Icing on the cake more brilliant JBL CINEMA STV 280 external TV audio evaluation

          On the last day of 2015 and March 5th, the friends went to the farmhouse to celebrate the New Year. It was one minute before departure that they received the JBL CINEMA STV 280 sent by Aunt Zhang. The building did not start loading directly.

          This should have been completed on New Year's Day, but I really underestimated the time spent on this review. . .

          On the first day of 2016, unpacking began in the a€?Central Avenuea€? of the village, in order not to occupy too many traffic puzzles. a€?Aunt Zhanga€? wrapped several layers with shock-absorbing bubbles on the outside. The inside of the main box was also well-protected. After unpacking, it was very neat to see the internal classification code.

          Inside the box are a bar-midrange four-speaker speaker + bass square speaker, there is a drawer box, there is a power line 2 + fiber + AUX audio line + infrared remote control + manual, the other side put a wall Bracket. Two of the power cords are 150cm long, 118cm long and the AUX audio cable is 124cm long.

          This fiber is harder and thinner, but it looks weak but actually solid.

          JBL is an American speaker manufacturer, similar to Bose. There is information that Bose outdoor speakers share more such as music festivals, large concerts, etc., JBL is selling more indoor speakers such as the Water Cube, Bird's Nest, National Theatre, Sydney Opera House, etc., anyway, JBL in the field of professional speakers is a very Niu B brand, in recent years for home audio products are gradually increasing attention, one after another with headphones, mobile speakers and this "whispering" sound system. (However, many domestic JBL replicas, water depth)

          I'm not JBL's pink boy who only used a low-end noodle headset from his family, so I don't comment on this brand anymore.

          Closer to home, basically unpacking

          The following report on the use of feelings.

          This JBL CINEMA STV 280 has a few buttons and the connection is relatively simple. It is a simple home appliance that can be used without reading the manual. The so-called a€?simplea€? is certainly relative to an amplifier-based home theater product.

          The buttons on the top of the sound bar are the standby switch, audio input switch, volume decrease increase, virtual surround switch, and Bluetooth connection switch.

          The backplanes are power switch, power cord interface, USB interface (upgrade only), indicator light, subwoofer pairing button, equalizer selector, fiber input, and AUX input.

          After plugging in the power cable, you can use the optical fiber input or the AUX analog input to connect the TV or audio device as an auxiliary speaker. Another method is to use Bluetooth to connect a mobile phone or other device as an external speaker.

          The sound bar and square subwoofer speaker match the connection test, the effective distance between the two is greater than 10 meters. Therefore, the square subwoofer speaker can easily be found in a place where it can be plugged in. It does not take up much space, and it is recommended to be placed behind. The Bluetooth mobile phone is farther away, and even a wall can still maintain music connection.

          The Bluetooth connection SV280 for iPhones, iPads, and iPods is fast, but somehow it is necessary to untie a device to discover and connect to another device. It is not possible to connect at the same time. Propaganda said that it was able to memorize 10 Bluetooth devices without testing successfully. In addition, Nokia's Bluetooth and HTC phone's Bluetooth 2.1 is not connected successfully, I do not know whether these are cases.

          On the New Year's Day these days, the main thing is to put a small apple in the farmyard to dance square dances, watch movies, listen to songs, and the overall outdoor effect is leveraged. The sound is strong and there is no lack of strength. The treble does not break the midrange to stabilize the bass gong, and nothing can be picked. Speaker problems.

          However, this section of the STV280 lack of HDMI interface so there is no test room projection and TV audio effects, because the uncle's equipment is HDMI, of course, this kind of non-high-fidelity speakers do not have to hard on some tall port on the facade.

          In short, everyone passed a relatively new year's day with the music.

          After returning home, I can't wait to continue the following evaluation. . .

          First remove the two shock-absorbing feet of the sound bar, and the edges of the studs will scratch the table more easily than the sharp bevels . Then start from the arc joints on both sides and gently tilt up to uncover the entire panel.

          It can be seen that the plastic snaps in the internal docking position are not very convex (arrowheads) and are fixed by a small piece of glue. The initial details of internal details, materials, and corners are still good.

          Then remove the button part, the button is only a few plastic pieces, so the button feedback is not very clear, feel in general .

          Continue to look at the circuit board below the button. There is the word SB 250. . . . Ignore it. . . . Next to the two vacant slots, I do not know what new features will be expanded in the future?

          The screw is really hard to twist, but it also ensures the stability of the gap. Then you can see the core part --- speaker unit, power amplifier circuit, frequency divider.

          The speaker unit specifications on the speaker bar JBL official store provides information is 55mm, high frequency 32mm, the actual measurement size as shown below.

          In the high-frequency unit, it appears that the online data is even the base size.

          Too many power amplifier circuit board fly wires have not been completely removed, it can be seen that the manual work is somewhat rough.

          The sound bar was split so much.

          The screwdriver turns to the woofer, and the woofer is easy to remove. Only a few exposed main screws can be set. On the back panel are the power indicator, phase switch, wireless pairing button, and power cable connector. Looks like there is also a power amplifier circuit (active speakers? Website description, but passive subwoofer)

          Continue to remove the box screws, the internal noise and acoustic structure, the white noise-proof cotton on the inner surface looks like no scientific and technological content and a texture of my fish tank filter cotton

          Subwoofer unit, the website describes as 165mm still feels a little vacant, but the texture of the horn in the hands is still quite in place.

          At this point, part of the teardown is completed, and the following comparison soundcheck.

          There is a 5.1 system of sony in the home, see the "Earth Gravity" after the opening whether it is from the tone, texture or space sense spike this 2.1 whispering wall. However, this comparison is indeed unfair. CINEMA STV 280 is aimed at improving the sound quality of flat-panel TVs. Therefore, the price is still not a single space for both the user base and the 5.1 home theater system.

          Comparing the CINEMA STV 280 with the TV with its own audio system, some advantages can be shown, but the bass effect is mainly obvious. And this TV with its own bar speakers was bought ten years ago, so sound bar and echo wall are not new technologies.

          If it compares with the current mainstream flat-panel LCD TV on the market, it will be judged as good or bad. The transition of the sound field around the JBL and the three-dimensional sound are obviously improved. The sound is high without harshness, the midrange is comfortable and clear, and the flat-panel TV is watching sports or watching big sound effects to listen to news.

          From the aspect of appearance size, the STV 280 sound bar has a shorter and thicker (83cm8cm) size, and the 55-inch TV does not feel well coordinated.

          The effect with the 42-inch TV is just fine.

          Personal feeling and 37 inch TV best match

          To the 27-inch monitor is not very beautiful, but this kind of thing is a matter of opinion, but also according to the personal environment.

          After these days, from the inside out, talk about personal feelings.

          STV280 belongs to the sound category. This SoundBar soundbar and echo wall speaker is mainly used for the sound quality improvement of flat-panel TVs. The advantage is that the sound effects are obviously upgraded, the TV is convenient, no complex operation, and not too much space is easy to place. The disadvantage is that it requires additional investment and the sound quality does not reach the 5.1 surround effect.

          The positioning surface is not very wide, so look to see if you have this requirement. If there is enough space in your home and your budget is adequate, then it would be better to buy a wireless surround 5.1 or even 7.1 home theater system.

          What do people need? . . Please look at the picture below; so this is a product that adds icing on the cake and makes it worse. . .


          sound effect-

          Advantages; suitable for watching large scenes, improve the obvious, there is a sense of substitution, in particular, the explosion of the movie blast class like a good stress experience.

          Disadvantages; watching the game is not ideal because heavy bass is always baffling as the auditorium sounds. Nothing obvious to see the court play can only feel that the actor speaks louder. In addition, the effect of the echo wall in the large living room is not as good as feedback in the small room.


          Advantages; easy to place, mainstream 40-inch LCD flat-panel TVs are coordinated.

          Disadvantages; too large a television or too small size TV does not match.


          Ease of use is good, and the connection is simple. At ordinary times, the cell phone wants to put some music to create a home atmosphere.

          Beautiful appearance, good workmanship, internal materials are also solid.

          However , if the TV base is short, it is easily blocked by the speaker's remote control receiver.

          In addition , the blue power light behind the speaker reflected off the TV screen and looked more obtrusive.

          However , I think the most problematic JBL STV280 is the price of ?¥2999. At present, the minimum 40-inch LCD flat panel TVs are under 2,000. How many people will spend more expensive than TV to improve the sound system? Even those who have this hobby do not add any money to the brand's 5.1 home theater system. . . The sound system of the whispering wall 2.1 in the market has a lot of good products, so JBL has notable advantages in terms of brand value, but it is hoped that the way forward will be good.

          The end of the picture was sent to the National Observatory Base, which was abandoned at Beijing's Miyun Bulaoun Yancun Village. The Nikon F13 was 1/3 second.

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