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          Extreme rice no screen TV H1 depth experience

          When people were still marveling at the 600 ANSI lumen-based high-brightness home screenless TV launched by Extreme Technology in November last year, after four months, Extreme Rice once again shocked the domestic micro-investment market. On March 23rd, Kizemi held a press conference in Beijing, officially launching a new generation of flagship products: No-screen TV H1. This new product will not only make the newly developed 0.47-inch TRP Full HD 1080p chip available for use in home products, but also become the worlda€?s first DLP HD microprojector supporting 3D, plus Harman/Kardona€?s. The top sound quality has become a star in China's science and technology products. It is not surprising that Premier Li, who has not been inspected by Chuangjing Maker Town, is favored.

          As the most powerful flagship machine ever achieved by Kemitech, the K1 Aurora of the K1 and Z4 series of flagship machines of the last generation of the Z4 series was released only 4 months later. The newly released Tami H1 adopts the latest 1080P core DLP microchip from Texas Instruments. Degrees up to 1080P level; with true brightness of 900 ANSI lumens, and incorporates a lossless quality optical zoom function; sound quality is to break the conventional design, equipped with two 45mm high quality stereo generation units and the introduction of bass passive diaphragm, to form a more Science shocking sound system. At the same time, Polar Mi H1 enhanced its system configuration, introducing a new Mstar 6A928 TV chip, a 4-core 1.75GHz CPU, and running memory up to 3GB. Compared with the Z4 Aurora, the Polar Mi H1 is almost all of the "Audio and Video" hardware has undergone a strong upgrade. So how about this new release of Miji H1? Today, the author will combine Zimia€?s flagship Z4 Aurora to conduct an in-depth evaluation of this new machine.
          The poles on the packaging still adhere to low-profile luxury style. The black packaging box looks ordinary, but it has an unusual touch. On the positive side, the H1 and Z4 aurora are almost the same. The color aperture surrounding the Z4 Aurora is replaced by a combination of square and circle on the H1. Although there is less color, the design of the product is in harmony with the wisdom of the product.

          Polar meter H1 and Z4 Aurora package front view

          The differences in size between the H1 and Z4 aurora were not revealed. The packaging of the polar meter H1 was nearly 1/3 higher than that of the aurora, and it seems that the performance is still more space to eat. In addition, the manufacturer also imprints the main functional features of Mimi H1 at the bottom, the most prominent of which is the a€?Full HDa€? in the first place. I am afraid that there are few such products that currently dare to label such products on micro-projects. For home intelligence micro-investment, the extremely meter H1 is even more unique.

          Polar rice H1 back package

          After opening the box, it was finally able to see the height meter H1. Since the inside of the box used the design of a female jewelry box, the meter H1 was half trapped in the box, and the concept of a€?especially holding a half-masked facea€? followed. The bottom of the box is designed with a "drawer", which should be the H1 accessory "cabinet". It is very convenient to pull out the leash.

          Compared to the Z4 Aurora "Folding" font-shaped folding design, in addition to the two are very large, H1's packaging design is more in place to grasp the space, the drawer-type accessories cabinet is also more stable than the two-way opening of the Aurora. It must be said that the packaging of H1 is unique and unique.

          Accessories can be said to have joy and "worry", pleased is the rice gave up the card-type manual, warranty card, replaced with a traditional booklet, do not underestimate this, the paper manual has its own unique compared to the electronic manual Advantages, and for the "old antique" and "white silly" is gray and often important, and random delivery of a pin, this pin different from the phone, it will be used for optical zoom lens Mi H1, The performance of the extreme rice can be said to be careful. "Worry" is the lack of two pairs of 3D glasses, a transfer tray, and a one-year time limit of the Mango TV VIP. Without such a solid discount, it is definitely a "worry" overjoyed. Of course, this is simply a list of comparisons. After all, the packaging space is limited. However, it is absolutely possible that the attachment tray can be put down. It is regrettable that there is no randomness.

          Polar meter Z4 Aurora Accessories
          In terms of packaging design, the first impression of M1 is very good, especially after the Z4 Auroraa€?s exquisite and luxurious packaging, the Rami H1 can still be innovative and creative. But in terms of accessories or Z4 Aurora is more in place, users receive the machine can get started directly to see 3D, and it's awkward.

          After the Z4 Aurora was coated with Z4X's a€?plastica€? enamel case, the texture of the metal and the luxurious gas field put many people in awe. Especially on the top of the vinyl record design, full of mood and memories, placed in the cupboard or bedside table are very good. Compared with the Z4 Aurora, the Polar Meter H1 is more a€?stereoscopica€? and the body size has been increased to 200 ?— 200 ?— 120 mm, and the design style has become more mature. It can even exist completely in the state of a home decoration. Simple and atmospheric shape can integrate into various home without any harm. In addition, like the Z4 Aurora, the Polar Meter H1 also supports wall-mounted installation, making the space more user-friendly. Let's take a look at the design of the Polar Rice H1:

          Excellent product design is nothing more than two: one is avant-garde fashion, leading the trend; one is simple and pure, enduring. The design concept of Hami H1 is obviously following the latter. Its exterior design is very simple, simple lines outline the shape of Founder, the sleek side of the corner blends into a delicate and feminine, giving a natural and elegant beauty.

          H1 body surface using one-piece magnesium aluminum alloy panels, the surface after sandblasting and anodizing, metal texture is full. The middle section below is designed with fine rounded rectangular meshes. The edges of the holes are in place and the process is excellent. The large area of a€?a€?the mesh not only makes the appearance more fashionable, but also can play a very good cooling effect and ensure that the built-in 2.1 audio sound can be perfectly released. In addition, the metal shell material is also more advantageous in terms of stability and durability, and is an important guarantee for the a€?reliabilitya€? of M1.

          On the lens side, the Mi-mi H1 still follows the portable device with the lens slide and power switch, and the slide switch is optimized for design. The dryness of the Z4X and the aurora no longer exists. The lens of HMI H1 is a highly translucent coating. Compared with Z4 Aurora, the optical zoom function has been added. The user can perform the zoom operation with the paddle (pin) in the accessory. The H1 supports 1.5x optical zoom. Different from the mainstream digital zoom in the market, the Optical Zoom H1 has the advantage of changing the picture size without losing the picture quality. It is a true picture loss.

          Comparing the shots of Aurora H1 and Z4 Aurora

          On the left side of the pole meter H1, there is a long strip of LED indicator. On the edge of the pole is the symbol of Harman Kardon, the top international audio team that everyone is familiar with. This sign has appeared in the most prominent position of the machine since Z4X. It is precisely because of Hamann Caton's custom speaker and professional audio tuning technology that the Z4X and Z4 Aurora will be accepted by everyone. This is a micro-projection product called "Double-Pictures". We can see two 45mm speakers from the underside of the H1 body. These two speakers are high-quality stereo speakers from Harman Kardon, which is larger than the crystal speakers in the previous generation. Nearly 50% of the sound effects it brings can be imagined.

          The efforts made in the sound quality of the Hami H1 are not merely a boost on the speaker unit. The bass passive diaphragm is also added to the H1 meter, plus a vast sound cavity design with nearly 6 times the internal light of the H1. The sound quality improvement will not be as simple as "1+1", especially the bass performance is worth looking forward to.

          In addition to the low-frequency diaphragm group and the central product information area, most of the bottom of the pole meter H1 is occupied by the cooling fence. It is inevitable that there is a greater cooling demand for 900 ANSI stream brightness. In addition, four foot screws are also designed on the bottom, and the screws need to be unscrewed if the adapter plate or hanger is installed. It is a pity that Himi H1 removed the space for installing hard disks while leaving a large amount of space to the sound quality. Users can only connect external hard disks or USB flash drives through the USB port on the rear side.

          The WIFI music control panel of M1 is also designed on the top of the fuselage. Unlike the Z4 Aurora, the K1 Aurora H1 replaces the a€?Vinyl recorda€? elements on the Z4 Aurora with touch bars and touch keys. Although there is no "vinyl record" to make the top of the Himi H1 become ordinary and slightly open, but there is something to bear, it is very difficult for the "vinyl record" to integrate into the overall design style of the Hamimi H1. , And from the manipulation of technology, the accuracy of touch operation is much higher than the gesture operation, although the Mi Mi H1 has less high gestures for gesture operation, but also has a simple sense of practicality.

          There are two large heat vents on the back of the Himi H1. Designers use vertical bars to beautify them to make them look like blinds. If they are not directly in front of them, they will be difficult to find. The design is very clever. Below the heat vent is a socket panel for the pole H1, in order of: 3.5mm audio output, USB2.0 interface, digital audio fiber interface, RJ45 network cable interface; DC power input interface, HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 (support ARC audio back Grant channel), USB 3.0 interface. In addition, the HMI meter also has built-in Bluetooth and WIFI modules, which can well meet the daily needs of users.

          Compared to the Z4 Aurora's rear socket, the Mi Mi H1 discards the current useless AV socket, adds SPDIF digital audio optical interface that meets the trend of the times, and supports the HDMI ARC function HDMI socket. Through these interfaces, the user can not only obtain The high-quality video signal can have the effect of digital audio transmission at the same time, which is of great significance for the establishment of a multi-channel home theater system. The design concept of Laimi's leading trend can be seen here.

          The Mi Mi H1 still uses the GMUI system developed by Miji Technology based on the Android system, and is further upgraded with the Android version update. It is already the Android 5.1.1 version. In terms of hardware configuration, Mimi H1 adopts the new Mstar 6A928 TV chip and the Cortex A17 quad-core 1.75GHz CPU. At the same time, it upgrades the body's running memory to 3G. The overall performance is 40% higher than that of the Z4 Aurora. The operation of large games and the playback of 4K resources are very helpful.
          Polar meters H1 and Z4 Aurora Top View configuration comparison
          The control upper pole H1 adopts the same remote controller as the Z4 aurora. This metal bluetooth remote controller has been highly evaluated and approved in the use of the Z4 aurora. The flying squirrel plus the voice makes it very quick to operate and reduces the elderly and young children. The difficulty of getting started. Of course, no rice screen TV as a smart projection also supports the wireless control of the mobile phone App terminal, that is, no rice screen assistant. The App is more comprehensive than the remote control. Some commonly used functions support one-button operation. At the same time, the user can use the same-screen assistant to directly synchronize the pictures and videos on the mobile phone to the same screen without playing on the screen.

          Voice operation interface
          Mimi screenless assistant App operation interface

          Compared with the simple screen on the mobile phone side, the Polar Mi H1 has also joined the music broadcast screen application, using a third-party App to further enhance the compatibility of the same screen equipment, users can directly put movies, data through the mobile phone to the meter H1; even mobile games can be placed on the Mi-mi H1 screen, enjoy the thrill and excitement of enjoying the 6-meter big screen. Polar meters H1 support 2.4/5GHz dual-band WIFI, so in the 5G WIFI games with the screen is also very smooth. The Z4 Aurora is also a 2.4/5GHz dual-band WIFI. Although the official does not have a built-in three-party App, it can be installed on its own, which is more convenient than the HDMI connection.

          The movie and television resources are still cooperating with Mango TV and Baidu Music. Both are the leaders of the film and television resource industry. They are very rich in resources. In addition, the free VIP service for mango for 1 year is also the best. Resources can be watched.

          Speaking of film and television resources, 3D and 4K are absolutely non-negotiable problems. The Miji H1 adopts the same active shutter 3D imaging technology as the DLP Cinema movie projector, with higher brightness and stronger stereoscopic effect. In addition, the HD resolution of 1080P makes the Mi-mi H1 the world's first DLP high-definition micro-projector supporting 3D, and its 3D effect is much better than the previous generation Z4 Aurora. In addition, the pole meter provides 2D to 3D functions from the Z4 Aurora. It is more realistic and vivid to convert ordinary movies into 3D movies. However, this time the Mi-H1 did not randomly give 3D glasses, users need to pay for their own pockets.

          4K aspect meters H1 support 4K hard decoding and playback technology, and increase the playing power and compatibility of the extreme meters H1 to 4K video. After the system performance is improved, the pole meter H1 can also play a role in playing a large volume of 4K video, and there is little chance of fast-forward retreat.

          The game platform and the Z4 Aurora have not changed, but with the improvement of the performance of the M1 H1, more large-scale games will be supported and run well. It can be said that the game library is enriched to a certain extent, such as High-speed games such as Speed, "Import implosion" and other high-performance games can also be played smoothly.

          Polar meters H1 game screen
          The left and right keystone correction function is used as the high-end function of the non-screen TV in Z4. It appears for the first time on the Z4 aurora. This function supports the machine's horizontal and negative 30 degrees. The distortion caused by the placement can be adjusted by the left and right keystone functions. With this function, the user can place the pole meter on one side of the bed and in the corner of the living room, but not necessarily in the center of people's view. The Polar Rice H1 continues the optimization of the reference line while continuing the high-end function of the Z4 Aurora, including the design of the center red circle, making it easier and faster to adjust.

          Use the screen in front of the keystone correction function.
          The screen after using the keystone correction function.

          The sound mode is a change that is easier to find in the system settings than the Z4 Aurora H1. When this mode is turned on, the Polar H1 can be used as a stand-alone, high-quality sound when turned off to support the mobile phone. IPad, laptop computers and other devices use Bluetooth to connect with the HMI H1 to play local music, which is more autonomous than the WiFi networking of Baidu Music. This mode is currently unavailable in the Z4 Aurora.

          In addition, for the users who have a home theater or a more professional sound system in their home, Mimi H1 has added a more professional optical audio output method. A 5.1 line sound card or audio can be connected to a single cable through an optical interface to provide even better sound quality, which was also not available in the previous generation Z4 Aurora. So, compared to the Z4 Aurora, the Mi Mi H1 has not only upgraded the hardware configuration, but also has spent a lot of effort in the optimization of the software, preferring the convenience of operation and integration with modern homes.

          In terms of sound effects, Himi H1 also greatly enhances the Z4 Aurora. The larger size of the horn and the larger and more reasonable sound cavity structure make Harman Karton's high quality fully available. I still remember that when I first turned on the Z4 Aurora, I was deeply attracted by the sentence a€?I never resisted your charma€? after being turned on, and I was impressed with the Z4 Aurora's outstanding sound quality. When experiencing the Mi-H1, I discovered that progress is really endless.

          Compared to the Z4 Aurora, the Polar Rice H1 has a more excellent tri-band and a wide range of sounds, especially the bass. You can use it to describe it. In particular, after opening the unique virtual surround sound of the Mi Mi H1, the sound effects are more layered and three-dimensional, making people feel like being in a theater or concert scene. In addition, the 45-mm speaker unit is equipped with an ultra-high H1, which is even more advantageous in terms of sound volume. The 50% volume is basically the same as the Z4 Aurora's volume of about 75%. Even the Baiping room can enjoy a stunning viewing effect.

          As the first non-screen TV product with the screen physical resolution up to 1080P and the brightness of 900ANSI stream, the LED meter H1 has 2.25 times higher image resolution than the mainstream 720p products in the market, and its brightness is unsurpassed. There is also a 50% improvement over the previous generation of Aurora. The picture processing adopts TI's leading DLP cinema technology, Mimi H1 refers to the digital projector's color standard DCI-P3 in color management, and also adds 27 picture quality and color enhancement technology and intelligent light sensing CAIC technology, etc. Get down. Let's take a look at the performance of the Km H1 in terms of picture quality.

          The following is a real shot proof on the screen of the HMI H1 player. It does not do any processing adjustment except trimming the edges of the photo, and due to the imaging of the camera, the actual effect is better than the shooting effect:

          HD picture real shot map
          HD movie real shot map
          4K video real shot map
          Through the proofs above, we can see that after the resolution of the Himi H1 is increased to 1080P, both the picture quality and the detail performance are excellent. The picture is vivid and clear, and the perception is very good. Watching in a good environment can be the same. HD TVs are comparable.

          In order to further test and compare the image quality of the Hami H1, the screen image and the display effect of the Z4 Aurora are introduced below. The public is more concerned about whether the Hami H1 can watch during the day. The answer will also be found here.

          Test sample (original):

          Polar meters H1 (left) and Z4 aurora (right) display real shot map:

          Test sample (original):
          Polar meters H1 (left) and Z4 aurora (right) display real shot map:
          Test scenario: Turn off the lights at night
          Test sample (original):

          Through the above several groups of comparative tests, first, the polar meters H1 and Z4 aurora in the picture processing compared to the original picture to be rich and bright, especially in the last group of darkroom conditions, the polar picture quality performance is more pleasing Like some, especially the beauty of the skin and behind the pool performance; Second, by comparing with the Z4 Aurora in different test environments can be seen that the brightness of the polar meter H1 is significantly higher than the Z4 aurora, the last comparison chart because there is no curtain In the test done on the wall, slight over-exposure was observed on individual parts of the H1 screen (OK, chest), but the beauty of the facial details was clearly better than that of the Z4 Aurora. This shows that the H1 1080P and 10000 meters :1 Advantages of Contrast (Z4 Aurora at 1080800 resolution, 5000:1 contrast ratio); The last question is whether or not the Polar Meter H1 can be watched during the day. It can be seen from Figure 1 that the performance of the Polar Meter H1 is still possible. And in terms of actual results, it is better than shooting proofs. Therefore, as long as it is not in the direct sunlight environment, polar meters H1 can meet the needs of a certain viewing, but the contrast and watching at night still have to discount a lot.

          Text display test

          The last is a set of display tests on text. The reason for joining this group of comparison tests is mainly because the polar meter H1 uses a square pixel on the pixel structure of the screen. Compared with the diamond pixels of the current mainstream machine, the edge of the image can be greatly reduced The feeling makes the picture more smooth and natural, especially in the display of text. The following is a comparison of the text display effect of the polar meters H1 (square pixels) and the Z4 aurora (diamond pixels).

          Through this set of tests, it is not difficult for us to see that the polar meter H1 has an absolute advantage in the display of text. It can also be said that the square pixel frame has an absolute advantage over the rhombus pixel frame. Compared to the diamond pixel, the square pixel is The text edge is more smooth and the font is clear and sharp without jaggies. Of course, there can be such a strong contrast in part because of the ultra-high resolution of Himi H1. It can be seen from the figure that the H1 pixel density is much higher than that of the Z4 Aurora, which makes the display of the H1 H1 more delicate. clear.

          I believe that after reading the above picture quality test, most people are still very aware of the projection effect of the polar meter H1. At the same time, it can also be seen that the Himi H1 is not only an improvement of the hard indicators, and professional quality tuning is also commendable. In addition to the brightness of 900 ANSI traffic and the resolution of 1080P, the use of square pixel architecture and intelligent light sensing CAIC are also highlights. The latter maintains the comfort of viewing and the role of reducing eye fatigue is very useful to the elderly and children. It should be Become a development trend of such products in the future.
          The LED series of screenless TVs adopts LED light sources, and the H1 is even raised to 900 ANSI lumens at a time. Faced with such a high brightness and heat, it is always the most worrying issue because the heat problems often have a direct effect on the life of the products. influences. The following two sets of tests were conducted at room temperature of 16?°C. After an hour of high-definition video was watched by the polar meters H1 and Z4 aurora, let's take a look at how the heat dissipation function of the polar rice H1 is.

          Polar meter H1 temperature test results
          Through the above two sets of tests, it is not difficult to see that the polar meters H1 and Z4 have very good performance in terms of heat dissipation. The rear and bottom heat sink temperatures of the H1 are 38.1?°C and 42.3?°C, respectively; the Z4 Aurora rear and bottom heat sink temperatures They are 36.7?°C and 40.4?°C, respectively. The temperature of the heat sink hole of the H1 is generally higher than that of the Z4 aurora at about 2?°C, which means that the high brightness brings about a high heat generation, but the maximum temperature of 42?°C is completely acceptable. Can have such a cooling effect must be bound and extremely meters H1 metal body, fine cooling holes and excellent exhaust system is inseparable.
          The problem of noise is that people are more concerned about buying micro-project products. Too much fan noise will inevitably affect the viewing mood. The following is the noise value test results of the polar meters H1 and Z4 aurora in the standby state and high-intensity running state (game state). The test distance is about 20CM:

          Polar meter H1 noise test results
          Z4 Aurora Noise Test Results
          Test results show that in the standby state, the noise values a€?a€?of the aurora H1 and Z4 are basically the same, which is almost equal to the environment value during the test. From the sense of hearing, the distance from the machine to 20 cm or more is basically no sound of the fan of the machine. In the high-strength running state (game state), slight cooling fan noise can be heard in a quiet environment, with a meter H1 of 38.7 dBA and a Z4 aurora of 36.9 dBA. Of course, this is the noise value when the machine is muted and the distance is short. This subtle fan sound is difficult to detect in the actual viewing or use, and has little impact on the user's viewing.

          Hamimi H1 as the flagship machine of the new generation of Mimic technology is currently priced at 4,999 yuan, which is 1200 yuan more than the price of 3799 yuan for the Z4 Aurora. However, from the above experience test, it is not difficult to find that Himi H1 has a great improvement over Z4 Aurora in terms of picture quality, performance, and audio and video effects, and the resultant force is not a€?1+1=2a€?, but Lifting such products to another height can be considered as a new era of high-definition micro-projection products. As a current industry's highest brightness, highest resolution, with left and right trapezoidal correction, optical zoom function, support for 3D resources, sound effects to catch up with home theater micro-projection products, very good integration of these advantages and optimization of the integration of the pole, making the pole Meter H1 from the hardware upgrade to achieve a "TV entertainment" audio visual experience of the overall sublimation. "Only meters from now on rice", excellent audio and video feel is impossible to measure, very meters H1 really worth having.

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